Dedication Day and Medical Clinics

Satan was in overdrive the day we finished up the houses and presented the gospel to the families we have come to love so much.  Upon arriving at La Reina, our building site which is an hour and a half from the base, we realized we had forgotten to bring the food for our lunch.  If that wasn’t bad enough, somehow we had brought all the paint for the interiors of the houses but had missed the rollers, brushes, etc.!!!  This totally messed with the schedule for the day (sand, paint, lunch then dedications by 1:00ish).  But, once again, it was amazing to see that it was God’s plan.  If we had stayed on time, one of the young men in the village that we came to love so much would not know the Lord today because he would have been taking exams.  Instead, we did dedications so late that it was dark outside and he was home (so much more to that story).  As the teams prayed and sang around each house while the gospel was being presented in time, Satan really kicked  it up.  The church in the village began playing music so loud we had to raise our voices to be heard and singing in tune was “muy dificile!”  The children began playing, laughing, screaming, running around.  It was so hard to even concentrate while praying, Dan & Herman Jesus had difficulty keeping their minds focused and the attention of the families on their words.  But in the end, all five families came to know Christ as their Savior.   Thank you, God!!!

We drove 2 1/2 hours to our first medical clinic last night.  Up a mountain, down, up another.  Such beautiful scenery.  Absolutely breathtaking!   Arriving in the village, the first few minutes are always a bit awkward.  How do we break the ice?  What is considered appropriate interaction with the children here?  Doug Wayner decided to sit on the steps of the school with all the children who had gathered there and immediately the children closest to him scattered, screaming and laughing.  He soon turned this into a game that had everyone laughing and the ice was broken.  Something so simple!!!

After the medical clinic was finished and soccer games & nail polishing were over, the Jesus film was shown, the team sang Spanish Christian songs, Hermano Jesus was used mightily by God to pour His love out on the beautiful people of Chipococ and many hearts accepted Jesus.  It was so crowded on the little porch we were huddled under due to the heavy rain that we couldn’t allow people to go forward to accept Jesus, so we did it right where we were standing or kneeling. 

Tonight we head out to our last medical clinic.  Many on the team, as usual, don’t want this to end, don’t want to go back to los Estados Unidos.  It is so amazing watching God work, watching Him use our mistakes and weaknesses to do beautiful things.  But we have learned to pray, watch and wait for Him to do the same work no matter where on this Earth we are.  Please pray for the hearts of those we will meet tonight.

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Hello from sunny Guatemala!!!

Days 1 and 2 of building houses have gone well.  The team is building relationships with the people in the village and it is rare to see one of us gringos walking around without at least one child attached!!!

Yesterday we put up the studs, drywall and stucco board, and mudded the drywall.  Right around lunchtime we heard thunder in the distance and soon storm clouds were overhead.  Not much later we were in the midst of a downpour, thunder and lightning.  God held it off though until we had our stucco board up and the roofs ready to slide over.  The storm was nice though, as it had been extremely sunny and hot prior to that, so we needed some cooling down.  A couple of the team members did not drink enough water and had some problems due to the heat.

Today was definitely cooler and a bit cloudy.  We began our day with sanding and mudding again, then headed into stuccoing the houses.  This is when we really needed no rain as there is no way to apply stucco to the exterior of the houses in the rain and it needs at least four hours to cure or it will wash right off.  Once again we heard thunder in the distance at lunchtime and could see storm clouds coming.  We had prayed several times during the day that God would keep the rain away from us and He did.  We watched the rain go around us and got only a few drops.  On the way home to the base we drove through huge puddles the entire way, so everywhere else got  a lot of rain!  Thank you, God!

The people of La Reina (where we are building) are beautiful.  Please keep them in your prayers, especially those who will hear the Gospel tomorrow during the dedication of the new houses.  Pray that their hearts be softened and ready to accept Jesus.

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Watch here for updates and pictures from Team West Michigan, July 26-August 2.

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